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Ye Olde Solo Project

So it’s taken me a while (oh, probably not more than 15 years) but I’m finally ready to announce that my new solo project is ready to launch! So please go to Ben’s Cabinet Of Weekly Musical Curiosities and have a listen. I’m going to be posting a new song every week!

There are individual songs available for download, and if you’re interested in being a Patron Of The Arts, there are Patron Packs in the Shop as well. Hope you enjoy the strangeness that is available πŸ™‚

5 responses on “Ye Olde Solo Project

  1. G David Garland

    Very cool! Just looked at the patron packs and they are a bit much for me right now. After I get the Paypal topped up I’ll drop by for the individual tracks though. Once you have the CDs I will try to pick them up individually, unless they will only be available through patron packs in which case I’ll start saving my nickels.

  2. Ben Deschamps

    It’s a work in progress. Stuff for sale will be related to demand… if people want CDs and say so, I’ll make CDs. I’m just not printing CDs on spec until I see if people actually like the strange noises I make πŸ™‚

  3. G David Garland

    Don’t judge demand by me though, you know I have this weird habit of supporting musicians just because Music. (Which is to say though that if you do make CDs you can count on at least one sale regardless πŸ˜‰ )