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OK, let me preface this by saying that I have never been a female secret agent (unless I was so secret I didn’t know about it?). But why is it that female secret agents on TV (I’m looking at you, Dollhouse and Covert Affairs) always wear 4″ spike heels, even when they know that their jobs will require them to run frequently? I mean, I’ve never tried to run in 4″ heels (and despite Canada’s excellent medical care, I’m not inclined to try), but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be as easy as they make it look.
Anybody here do any running in spike heels, and care to comment?

We have a week off from tour! A week at home! This is almost unprecedented. And the beautiful part is, we flew home via Porter Airlines, and left our equipment in Chicago (we’re resuming the tour from there next week) – so we didn’t have to muck about with Pearson Airport (who builds an airport with no subway or train service?) or bringing instruments home on the plane. So now I’m sitting on my porch, contemplating a wander down to the lakeshore, and wondering whether a third cup of coffee is in order. These are the good days 🙂

Just yesterday I discovered a new-to-me learning website called Memrise (www.memrise.com). I’m enjoying it hugely! Lots of interesting language courses; seems to be slightly better curated than Quizlet; and has quite a pleasant mobile app as well.

So today I’m sitting on the front porch of our hosts’ house, learning even more Russian vocab and listening to the birds sing. It’s not such a bad life some days 🙂

My first day's work on Memrise.com :)

My first day’s work on Memrise.com 🙂

We’ve had a great visit to Nashville – some good friends, good conversation, and most importantly a DAY OFF where we weren’t expected to speak at all.  And a couple of delightful dogs, one of whom is paralyzed in his hind legs and hasn’t slowed down one bit as a result. Well, ok, he’s not moving too quickly in the picture, but that’s because he’s a dog and why should he move?

Now to drive to… hm. Somewhere 6 hrs east of here. I’m very familiar with this run. Uuuuuuuuup the hill… dooooooooown the hill. Uuuuuuuup the hill… dooooooooown the hill. Yay for turbo diesel!

Little Dude!

Little Dude!

Today is pretty special. It’s the real first porch day of the year – my porch, at home; cup of coffee, stack of books, laptop. Can’t complain about the view either!

The view from my office!

The view from my office!

I think I’ve worked out that my happiness and productivity are inversely proportional to the amount of the day I spend on Facebook.  For some reason I don’t find Google+ to be anywhere near as offensive. I don’t post there every day – but then, I don’t post anywhere every day if I can help it! But if you’d like to visit me there, I’m at plus.google.com/u/0/106593738960040105066. And with that, I’m going to auto-post this to Facebook 🙂

I have three days off in a row in Seattle, one of my favourite towns. This is great for two reasons:

One, I get to pillage Seattle’s used bookstores, and also visit Dusty Strings to see if they have that Pierre Bensusan book I’ve been looking for since last time I was here, and

Two, I get to nurse my right hand back to health.

The other day I pulled a tendon in my right hand wrestling a bear fighting off pirates rescuing the princess opening a door, and it’s been painful to do any fingerpicking since. So I’m hoping that a bit of time off will fix it up. Now I just have to convince myself not to play guitar for three days… easier said than done!

Me, up on Mt Pisgah

Had to take a business call today. At the end of the conversation I had to tell the person that I wasn’t going to be able to follow up immediately, on account of being at the top of a small but significant mountain. In many industries that would have been greeted with derision or disbelief. I kinda like my industry some days.