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The Slow Process Of Problem Solving

I tend to work on a bunch of projects & problems simultaneously over the course of months or years, letting my subconscious churn away at things, coming up with new ideas gradually, researching things piecemeal. This means that sometimes I forget I was working on something, and don’t realize that I’ve found the solution to the problem when I’ve found it.

I was working on making the e-reader experience more pleasant for myself – poorly formatted ebooks drive me around the bend – and I just realized that I now have all the tools & knowledge assembled to do what I want to do with ebooks. 

Now I have to remember just what it was that I wanted to do… I think it had to do with fixing spelling errors, chapter divisions, and unnecessary hyphenation. I’m sure if I can just make a list of the things I wanted to knock off, I can script them all in a few minutes…

3 responses on “The Slow Process Of Problem Solving

  1. G David Garland

    I am too lazy to fix e-reader issues like that. Most of my collection is older works with multiple versions and it is a matter of finding an acceptable rendition.

  2. Ben Deschamps Post author

    David – most of my ebook library is public domain stuff, of occasionally dubious OCR quality, so I’m happy to put in a bit of extra time on that. Ariadne – Distributed Proofreaders?