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Slight Change To User Registration

Because of a wave of spam registrations that can only plausibly be attributed to (poorly coded) bots or (really stupid) spammers or (highly optimistic) hackers (if only they knew the lack of financial value here!), I’ve disabled registration for anyone that isn’t a Customer first. If this has an impact on your life in any way, drop me an email and we’ll discuss. If you want to comment on articles, I’m happy to set you up with an account! (Not you, d.a.nn.y.m.eka.l.a@gmail.com, or any of your squintillion other versions of your address, you’re not even very good at being a bot.) And yes, this means I’m happy to receive an email from Pyke explaining why he’s behind this wave of spam but it’s for the good of the galactic lizard people. He’s quite creative, he’ll come up with something fun 🙂
Oh and if I accidentally nuked your account in the Great Spammer Massacree of 2015, let me know and I’ll reinstate you. When I’m done wiping the blood off my Mighty Axe of Justice, that is.

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