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Great gig tonight in Round Rock, TX. One of those weird gigs where you know objectively that you’re playing a house concert, but it kind of feels more like you’re onstage with Iron Maiden, and all the punters are singing along with every word, and even singing the guitar solos. Texas fans are hardcore yo. There were 70-year-olds there who have all the records, AND the t-shirts, AND who sing along with all the words. There was a 16-year-old girl there who had skipped out on her main event at an equestrian contest to be there, who was basically in tears when Heather sang “Hunter”.  There were even people there who got my weird recherché Rush jokes (although only one person got my obscure French pun, and she’s in the band). Anyway, if you ever wonder why we tour in Texas so often, there’s the reason. We’re leaving tomorrow and I can’t wait to come back already.

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