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Re-Enabling Comments

Since my last post (Coding) generated quite a few thoughtful responses by email and by Twitter – and because, having cautiously backed away from Facebook but still auto-posting to it, I can’t see any comments posted there – I’m cautiously re-enabling comments on my blog. Because of the nature of WordPress blogs, I’ve had to fight with spammers before (Akismet takes care of the majority of spam comments, but I’ve yet to find a reliable way to automate dealing with spam signups – but without allowing signups it’s hard to allow comments. But I’m hopeful that, since there are actually people who have useful things to say, the signal-to-noise ratio will be OK. I mean, aside from Pyke, but he’s just a fact of life & force of nature 😉

And don’t forget to check out the reinstated Music page, where you can hear many strange and wonderful things, and maybe even buy something! That would make my day 🙂

2 responses on “Re-Enabling Comments

  1. Colin Ferguson

    I notice you ran away from Facebook just as your birthday arrived. Excellent planning my candle-phobic friend!

    So I shall take advantage of your music site to sing to you:

    Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!
    Now you’ve aged another year
    Now you know that Death is near
    Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

    Chorus: So you’ve aged another year
    Now you know that Death is near”
    I will let other friends quote other parts.