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Project Management

Thinking about project management at the moment, as I stare down a year that is rapidly accumulating fascinating but time-consuming gigs. I’ve tried all manner of project management software, and loathed them all – the only thing I use, software-wise, for project management these days is Evernote!

Mostly I use paper… I’ve moved back to a paper calendar & day-timer for the first time since 2006 or so, which I’m finding immensely useful (it should be noted that this is the first time since 2004 that I’ve been home often enough to need one… when I’m touring 8-10 months/year, having a day timer is pretty pointless – wake up, drive to next gig, set up, play gig, tear down, drive to hotel, repeat…). I’ve still got stacks of paper that I’m going to have to photograph and put into Evernote, especially from the past week, where the parameters of one of my major projects (the Celtic Avalon DVD release) just shifted dramatically, necessitating a profusion of phone calls, a mass of emails, and torrents of texts.

So I think that part of tomorrow will involve Evernote, my phone camera, and a certain amount of cursing and swearing. I might see about backing up some files too… I’m pretty sure I don’t need to recall the analogue mix settings for the 2013 Heather Dale album on zero notice. In fact, if I do, I’m in deep trouble, because I’d have to find all the outboard gear that I used on that album… and see if I can get those AD/DA converters back…

I’m never going to sleep again, am I?

4 responses on “Project Management

  1. Kenneth Aalberg

    Have you tried Redmine? You will love Redmine. I can give you some Redmine if you want to try it. 😉