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We’ve had a great visit to Nashville – some good friends, good conversation, and most importantly a DAY OFF where we weren’t expected to speak at all. ¬†And a couple of delightful dogs, one of whom is paralyzed in his hind legs and hasn’t slowed down one bit as a result. Well, ok, he’s not moving too quickly in the picture, but that’s because he’s a dog and why should he move?

Now to drive to… hm. Somewhere 6 hrs east of here. I’m very familiar with this run. Uuuuuuuuup the hill… dooooooooown the hill. Uuuuuuuup the hill… dooooooooown the hill. Yay for turbo diesel!

Little Dude!

Little Dude!

2 responses on “Fleeing the Sound of Banjos

  1. Marie Martin

    I keep wanting to ask how that turbo diesel does for a tour vehicle. I think I want one for the circus, and my fear based on problems in the 80s is of getting broken down in the sticks and racking up repair bills. But my dag loved his diesel Golf…

  2. Ben Deschamps

    Easily the best tour vehicle ever. Close to 50mpg fully loaded with the roof carrier on. Ridiculously reliable like all VWs. Amazing.