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Five Miles (ten as the dog trots)

Went out for a walk this morning before breakfast. This is not my usual MO – I generally prefer breakfast and coffee before anything else. But I figured the day would get warm enough that I didn’t want to muck about in the heat.

As I was heading out into the morning haze, the neighbour’s dog decided to join me. I couldn’t remember his name, and he’s a bit pudgy, so I named him Pot Roast. We walked for about 5 miles, which was quite pleasant. At one point I thought we were in trouble – in rural Arkansas, when someone comes out their door shouting “Excuse me!” it generally means they’re going to be carrying a gun… this time it turned out it was someone who wanted to know if I was a dog trainer, because I was able to walk the dog without a leash. Apparently she was having trouble with her new rescue Alsatian. Wish I could have helped, but I just like dogs (and speak dog reasonably well), I don’t really have any experience in training or that sort of thing. But I wished her well, because adopting rescue dogs is one of those Good Things.

And now to get things organized for the day. Overdubs, maybe a little mixing, and possibly a trip to the thrift shop! How exciting 🙂 Oh and listening to crickets, I still like that bit.

One response on “Five Miles (ten as the dog trots)

  1. Robin June Nakkula

    I used to have a freshman college chemistry book that, in a footnote, told you how to calculate the ambient temperature from the speed of cricket chirps.
    I believe I still have it, but I last saw it briefly in the last crush in the last move-out, so I have no confidence as to how long it would take me to find it again.