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First Porch Morning of the Year

OK, admittedly this wasn’t my porch, that’s still covered in snow, but I managed to borrow a porch here in Plano, TX this morning and work there for several hours in the sun.

For those of you who don’t know, I far, far, far prefer working outside to inside – even my relatively comfortable office inside is situated right beside the windows so I can see out. I find I get way more done when I’m sitting outside, and somehow have fewer distractions (except during Summer Jogging Season, but that’s a whole different thing!). So it was with great joy that I got to sit out on Jim & Fran’s porch and catch up on some of the correspondence for Celtic Avalon (almost 90% funded! woo!) and even put some new widgets up on HeatherDale.com.

And now it’s brunchtime. Then – HALF PRICE BOOKS! Woohoo!

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