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I have three days off in a row in Seattle, one of my favourite towns. This is great for two reasons:

One, I get to pillage Seattle’s used bookstores, and also visit Dusty Strings to see if they have that Pierre Bensusan book I’ve been looking for since last time I was here, and

Two, I get to nurse my right hand back to health.

The other day I pulled a tendon in my right hand wrestling a bear fighting off pirates rescuing the princess opening a door, and it’s been painful to do any fingerpicking since. So I’m hoping that a bit of time off will fix it up. Now I just have to convince myself not to play guitar for three days… easier said than done!

9 responses on “Days off!

  1. John Stadtlander

    Sure…just like Sam Ash…you wouldn’t take me there on the last tour and you wouldn’t take me to Dusty Strings when I was out there a couple of years ago either. Sigh…..Ben…are you trying to drive me nuts?

  2. marybeth

    Heal up well, that’s gotta hurt. If you ever get a day free in Pittsburgh, I am going to show you the Strip District. Bring an appetite 🙂