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Celtic Ableton

All of the existing material that is to be included in Heather Dale‘s “Celtic Avalon” project has now been exported from the various DAW formats it was in and imported into Ableton, where I can slice, dice, compose, expose, impose & hopefully repose for the next several months.

Ableton is an amazing system, but it is designed primarily for oontsa oontsa music, and as such is not a huge fan of ritardandi and rubati. Heather, on the other hand, loves the expressive tempi. So I’m going to be getting my hands very dirty indeed with tempo maps and such. Because of course it can’t just *go*, it has to have a click that the band can work with.

At the same time as this, I’d rather just be mucking about with Max4Live, learning all the awesome things I can make it do for this show. But nooooooo, I have to go do practical real-world things with deadlines. Hmph.

3 responses on “Celtic Ableton

  1. J. Mahaffey

    Wish I had the time to tackle those kind of things. First I need to find time to finish writing some things and then, actually press record…

  2. AdminOhAndBen Post author

    I’m glad I’m making progress on this, but quite aware that I’m falling behind on my solo project… going to see if I can get something new out this week, failing that, something amusing from the back catalogue 🙂