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First Porch Morning of the Year

OK, admittedly this wasn’t my porch, that’s still covered in snow, but I managed to borrow a porch here in Plano, TX this morning and work there for several hours in the sun.

For those of you who don’t know, I far, far, far prefer working outside to inside – even my relatively comfortable office inside is situated right beside the windows so I can see out. I find I get way more done when I’m sitting outside, and somehow have fewer distractions (except during Summer Jogging Season, but that’s a whole different thing!). So it was with great joy that I got to sit out on Jim & Fran’s porch and catch up on some of the correspondence for Celtic Avalon (almost 90% funded! woo!) and even put some new widgets up on HeatherDale.com.

And now it’s brunchtime. Then – HALF PRICE BOOKS! Woohoo!

Tonight we have wireless backstage! Well, “backstage” at a house concert actually means “the room we’re staying in” but it’s a very pleasant room. And it sounds like a very full house, which is always nice. Dallas has been pretty good to us over the years.

(Why yes, I’m still mucking about with the settings on the social plugins, why do you ask?)

Numb Butt

So. Much. Driving.

There has to be a way to handle merges before construction zones more cleverly. Right now the system rewards the arseholes who squeeze past people and cause congestion and slowdowns. If everyone merged left-right-left-right, they could be much less painful.

No I’m not bitter at having spent the last hour merging outside of Texarkana for a construction zone that wasn’t being used (on a Sunday, natch), why do you ask?