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Nothing is quite as therapeutic as a beautiful spring morning spent throwing axes. We had a great show in Santa Fe last night (and I think I’m gonna move here!) but it’s been topped off by a morning of genteel projectile violence. Now we’re going off for lunch and the obligatory used-bookstore hunt. Got any favourites in any of the cities we’re visiting on this tour? I mean, aside from Powell’s in Portland, of course, where I intend to blow every dime of the indiegogo fund 😉

10 responses on “Axes!

  1. Ben Deschamps

    Sadly no chainsaws. And part of me really wants to try logger sports… the other part of me thinks they should stop faffing around and split more cordwood.

  2. Lenora Rose Patrick

    Actually, these days, Burton Lysecki is off my list of best bookstores in Winnipeg. It’s got a super history collection though, and it’s better than many for overall non fiction, so I suppose it depends what you’re hunting. But if you’re there anyhow, might as well go just a few blocks up the same street to Nerman’s – which has ranged from “OMG, I found EVERYTHING” to “Nope, not a thing this time.”

    My beef with Red River is that it’s too darn hard to find anything. They probably have it, if you can unearth it from under fifteen stacks piled in front of shelves stacked two deep. I go there when I have LOTs of time.

    One of my current favourites for fiction is Flipped Pages off on Edison. Out of the way for most of your travels, but very well stocked.

  3. Mike Major

    I recommended Lysecki as you can actually find things there and some of what they have matches other things I’ve seen/heard of Ben reading. So it’s a specific recommendation.

    Got to agree about Red River. It’s a disaster area but you can sometimes find some entirely unanticipated real gems while searching. That’s one of the fun things about it being such a mess.

    Haven’t been to those others – will try them (once I have some shelf space freed up).

    Also, if you’re looking for a specific book/edition/hard to find thing, John Speelman’s Bear’s Den is amazing. He has found THE most esoteric stuff for me on occasion and his prices are excellent!