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And Now For A Word From Our Sponsors

So you may have noticed that there was no new song this week. Perhaps you shook your fist and said “That fiend! He promised us songs every week and now he’s broken our hearts!” (although to be fair that seems rather unlikely.) But here’s the reason why:
Right now I’m in St Andrews, New Brunswick, and the hard drive with my songs on is in Toronto, which is not really that near. So, dear readers/listeners, we’ll have to wait until next week for your next song! My apologies. Let this be a lesson in Why We Should Schedule Posts…

7 responses on “And Now For A Word From Our Sponsors

  1. Ben Deschamps

    I hope you’ll all survive 🙂 But yeah I was at 23000 feet thinking “Hm, did I bring that hard drive? Dammit!” So: we’ll just have to extend a week on the other end. I’m still waiting for some bass tracks for a couple of songs… and I’m hoping to put Heather to work on piano this week too 🙂