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Hi folks. I’m Ben Deschamps. I’m a Canadian musician and businessman. You probably know me from my 10-year-long association with Heather Dale, with whom I play many instruments, tour incessantly, and run a record label. But that’s not all I do, and this site is about some of those other things.

Let’s see… some biographical information is probably in order. Born in Canada’s Ottawa Valley, on a farm; studied Classics and, later, English at Carleton University; got sick so never got anywhere with the PhD program in medieval studies; taught for a while in England and Canada (English, Latin, Greek); now working full-time in the independent music business.

I like to make records, I like to play on other people’s records, and I’m working on a weekly collection of ridiculous and strange songs in my Cabinet of Musical Curiosities (currently unavailable due to a fascinating hosting issue). I co-wrote Gates of Camelot, a MMORPG based in an entertaining and imaginary Albion. I used to be pithy, witty and generally obstreperous on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, but I’ve found I don’t have much time for social media lately.  And when I get the chance, I even manage to update my blog sometimes!

Look around, and drop me a line if you’re interested 🙂