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About Bloody Time!

[mp3t track=”https://bendeschamps.com/MP3S/Decay_To_Truth.mp3″ title=”Decay To Truth”]

Hey look!  A NEW SONG! OK, so it’s not that new, as it was written in 1997 and recorded in 2001, by my old band CRMission (which remains extant as Xoo…) Anyway, a marvellous bit of gritty space rock, sort of a comet in the rough. I still love Ruth Harper’s interpretation of my lyrics (that’s right, I wrote lyrics! And they’re not about toilets!) and Kev Perry’s spacy, meandering guitar. That big crunchy bass sound was pretty excellent too… too bad someone stole my damn P-bass. Oh well.


5 responses on “About Bloody Time!

  1. AdminOhAndBen Post author

    Sorry, hon, probably should have warned you first so you could have made yourself a cup of tea and sat down 😉 I think it stands up remarkably well after all these years!

  2. AdminOhAndBen Post author

    You like the Bass Tone That Stays Crunchy Even In Milk? 😀