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A New And Also Very Old Song

[mp3t track=”https://bendeschamps.com/MP3S/Dream_Of_Rhonabwy.mp3″ title = “Dream of Rhonabwy”]
For a variety of reasons that I won’t trouble you with, I’ve been having trouble finding time to get into the studio and work on my own material, and the inspiration to come up with anything at all. But I’ve also had trouble finding some of the material that was in progress… and a couple of days ago I found the hard drive with the sessions I recorded last year with John Stadtlander. O frabjous day! So here is an oldish song, with a brand-new treatment, about a very old story indeed.

2 responses on “A New And Also Very Old Song

  1. Adam Fromm

    There may be no greater feeling than locating presumed-lost creations of yours. This is an especially sweet find; I’m really digging this.