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’57 Les Paul

Now the ultra-careful will note that that is NOT a 1957 Les Paul I’m playing in the picture. It’s a ’61 or a ’62, I can’t remember.

What it is, is a $57,000 Les Paul. AUGH!

For some reason Heather refuses to let me take the company credit card into music stores…

13 responses on “’57 Les Paul

  1. Ben Deschamps

    Technically, on that specific day, because of IndieGoGo, I could have replaced it if I’d broken it. The depth of excrement I’d be in, though… the guys at Willy’s American Guitars were super cool about it though. When I was done, they asked if I wanted to play the *expensive* one.

  2. James Mahaffey

    Let’s work on a nice 4 figure Lester for you first, shall we? But, I like the way you think!

  3. Michael Nixon

    @Keith, if I paid $57,000 for a guitar I’d at least want what I heard in my head to unfailingly come out on said guitar. Of course, if I could afford it, that would probably be because that happened already.