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Testing blog broadcasting plugin

… not actually all that exciting.  I just want to see if this plugin works, because I have a Cunning Plan. I’d appreciate a couple of comments though, to test that functionality too 🙂 Thanks folks!

12 responses on “Testing blog broadcasting plugin

  1. Ben Deschamps Post author

    And testing from the blog side of things, to see if it turns up on FB too… isn’t this exciting? Isn’t this how *you* spend your Friday nights?

  2. Mahray

    This is a test comment to test the commenting out. Will be interesting to see how the test goes!

    Ooooh, I can use tags?
    Does it do the tag properly?

    I wonder what this does...

  3. marybeth

    This is a test, of the emergency broadcast system. If this were a real emergency, jars of kimchi would fall from the ceiling, signalling the beginning of the apocalypse. This is only a test.