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Studio Fingers

We’ve been in the studio for two fairly glorious days now… we’ve done all the acoustic guitar, upright and electric bass, drums, piano and lead vocal parts for 14 (or is it 15?) songs now. My fingers are extremely sore, and my left index and pinky fingers (the ones that get most of the workout playing upright bass) are definitely swollen, but the record is really falling into place. Today we are doing strings, backing vocals, electric guitar and maybe mandolin. And when all this is done, I get to mix it (although I’m going to take a few days’ break before I tackle that!). Then I’m getting back to my solo stuff. When I can move my fingers again 😉

7 responses on “Studio Fingers

  1. Caith Threefires

    Love your studio, can’t wait for your album… but that turquoise-meets-1950s Cadillac blue chair is totally at odds with my fashion sense and has got to go. Isn’t there a needy elementary school principal’s office somewhere…? 😉

  2. AdminOhAndBen Post author

    That’s a Fender Super Six, circa mid 70s. Not using any of those six speakers – it was pushing a pair of 15s on the other side of the room, because I still like to be able to hear!

  3. AdminOhAndBen Post author

    Sadly not *our* studio – it’s Dave’s studio – but it is a lovely place to work. Wish you’d been there. Did most of the (electric) bass parts on a Fender Bullet that looked sort of like an old Tele/P but had a Mustang pickup. Strangely enough it was the right sound for the gig. You can see the upright in the back of the picture I think. And the chair is very comfortable, and most importantly, doesn’t squeak under 250lbs + instrument 🙂 And… um… you have a fashion sense? Since when? 😀