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OK, let me preface this by saying that I have never been a female secret agent (unless I was so secret I didn’t know about it?). But why is it that female secret agents on TV (I’m looking at you, Dollhouse and Covert Affairs) always wear 4″ spike heels, even when they know that their jobs will require them to run frequently? I mean, I’ve never tried to run in 4″ heels (and despite Canada’s excellent medical care, I’m not inclined to try), but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be as easy as they make it look.
Anybody here do any running in spike heels, and care to comment?

10 responses on “Secret Agent Stagger

  1. Mildred Strange

    It’s not as difficult as it looks. Take shore strides. When I was younger I once raced a guy while wearing heels and won. It helps if you stay on the balls of your feet, and don’t bring your heels down when you stride.

  2. Douglas Forsyth

    I see this all the time too and it drives me nuts esp. martial artists (I’m sorry whilst I know many womrn who CAN fightrun in heels I’d bet most of em would would go for someting much more practical if given an option IE ever see an on duty beat cop wear heels ?

  3. Christina Hopkins Hooke

    The type of heel makes a difference-running in boots with high heels is far easier than pumps (which tend to fly off the feet as they flex.) But if they were effective as running wear, we’d see them in track and field events. I hate to see women torture their feet, and it is torture, but it’s part of that whole film fantasy where in gunfights where the heroes never get hit, and where a single punch renders every henchman unconscious, and where a single bullet blows up an entire car.

  4. Lenora Rose Patrick

    I know women who can run and dance in heels (I personally cannot even *wear* a heel above 1 1/2″ even in boots), but martial artists are unlikely to. The only heroine I can think of who should ever be doing this regularly is Verity Price, from Seanan McGuire’s InCryptid Books, and that’s because she’s a ballroom dancer, and McGuire was deliberately playing with the trope.

  5. Belinda Taylor

    I think there are times where some kind of heels may be a requirement or at least an air in blending in–but even then, you’re looking at solid wedge heels instead of spikes, or something you can kick off quickly.
    That said, I used to play tag in some kick-ass high heeled boots when I was 13 because I was contrary and thought I was quite impressive. It’s certainly doable, and the more you do it, the easier it gets. You’re just a good deal more prone to all sorts of exciting problems (heels snapping, catching a drain, sinking into the mud, twisting an ankle, etc) than you are in, say, practical running shoes.

  6. Sandra Buskirk

    There’s a type of heel that actually makes it a lot easier–it’s as thin as a spike front to back, but side to side it’s as wide as the base of the shoe.

    I can’t wear heels at all now, but lo these many years ago, I learned how to wear 4-6″ heels, and could comfortably walk quickly in them. (I’m not nuts enough to try to run. But then, if I was a secret agent, I would be wearing flats all the time anyway. Hmmm… )