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The Logrus


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A bit of a deviation from the norm here. This track was recorded in 1997 by a group I had called the Electric Wallaby Ensemble. Hey, at least we actually had a name, unlike most weird bands I’ve been in. It was amazingly fun – as long as you weren’t, for example, a pair of hi-fi speakers at the time, because we destroyed them with grim determination. Bill Fuller was the other protagonist, and we played everything from DX-7s to trackers to chairs. Bonus points if you remember what a tracker was!

Ambient noise, inspired by Merzbow, Neubauten and Skinny Puppy. Back when computer recording was young and a “gig” was something I took a guitar to. I think my recording computer had a 500 meg hard drive back then, and I suspect I had to hook an abacus up to get extra RAM. I do recall having at least 8 megs of RAM on my sound card though, and that was pretty impressive…

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