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Tangerine Bream


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I’ve always loved the sound of electronic music, but I’ve always been utterly rubbish at making it myself. Either I made a series of obnoxious noises that would sterilize weasels, or I made an exact duplicate of the crap part of Rhythm Is A Dancer (I know, which part is that, right?) Anyway, I decided to try something different, and instead of drawing all the beats and synths in with a pencil tool as those of us who can’t play keys worth a hill of beans generally do, I played them all with a keyboard. Badly. But a gazillion takes later, I discovered that I suddenly heard the energy that I’d always wanted out of electronic music… and so of course I picked up Ye Olde Trusty Strat #3 and went to town. Not the usual electronica, and I’m quite happy about that!

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