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Separate Sunrises


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I wrote this one after my first tour with Heather Dale. When we were in Vancouver, BC, on December 1st 2004, we had a fairly surreal experience: I dropped Heather off on a beach at 5 am for a photo shoot (which became the cover of the Road to Santiago album), where she merrily cavorted about in a sun-dress through the sand… and the brambles… and the frost. I drove half an hour away up the mountain, and stepped out into waist-deep snow. We both watched the sun rise over the mountains, from a few hundred feet difference in elevation, and then I drove back, picked her up, and realized she was smurf-blue and put her in a hot tub to bring her back to life. So that’s where the Separate Sunrises come from.
For what it’s worth, I wasn’t cold at all! But I had jeans on, I guess, not a sun-dress. Thankfully.

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