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Ninety-nine At Nine


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The morning after the last show of our very first tour together in 2004, Heather and I had two choices for our drive through the Rocky Mountains: Highway 1, which is a well-maintained, well-ploughed four-lane highway, or Highway 99, which is a euphemism. It’s not a bloody highway at all, it’s a goat track. The only time we saw other people on the road was when an 18-wheeler came careening around the corner in our lane. But noooooooooo, said Heather, it’ll be scenic, said Heather. And then she slept the whole damn way. Oh and did I mention it was the first blizzard of the season? Anyway, at 9 am, I pulled in to a scenic layby to unclench my hands, and Heather went to look over the vistacular cliff. I was sore tempted to give her a push… but obviously I didn’t. That night when the RCMP ordered us off the road (apparently it was closed the whole time! Who knew?) in Revelstoke, I wrote this song to “celebrate” the “fun” and “scenic” journey. Fun trivia fact, though, this picture is from that very morning! You can’t even see me scheming.

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