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Studio Fingers

We’ve been in the studio for two fairly glorious days now… we’ve done all the acoustic guitar, upright and electric bass, drums, piano and lead vocal parts for 14 (or is it 15?) songs now. My fingers are extremely sore, and my left index and pinky fingers (the ones that get most of the workout playing upright bass) are definitely swollen, but the record is really falling into place. Today we are doing strings, backing vocals, electric guitar and maybe mandolin. And when all this is done, I get to mix it (although I’m going to take a few days’ break before I tackle that!). Then I’m getting back to my solo stuff. When I can move my fingers again 😉

Jim "With Hair" Casson

The Drum Cave

(I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist the temptation to include a promo shot from the Paleolithic era from Jim’s website. Look at that lustrous hair! Those sensitive eyes! Swoon, ladies, swoon.)

Spent the day hanging out with an old friend, Jim Casson (yes, the Jim Casson from “Sandwich” and other assorted songs from my site, as well as several Heather Dale albums), in his drum cave, rehearsing for our new album. Jim’s a real pro, a studio drummer from back when men were men, women were women and drummers were not allowed in polite society. Aside from working through all the charts in record time (see what I did there? Huh huh huh?) Jim showed us a video from his latest solo album, and it was absolutely amazing so I wanted to share it with everybody. So check it out, and then go buy the damn record already!


What The Hell Happened?

So where did the site go?

Turns out that WordPress is a huge target for industrial-scale hackers. This is not the personal kind of malicious hacking, this is a massive campaign to exploit flaws in 3rd party code; and that’s exactly what happened. Our hosting company shut BenDeschamps.com and HeatherDale.com down pre-emptively when they discovered we had been hacked. Which is great… except that now I can’t get at a bunch of the files and stuff from earlier. So I’m working to get it all back to how it was before, in between trying to write the new show with Heather and Sooj, and fix HeatherDale.com, and all that good stuff. Oh, and maybe getting some sleep, if possible.

We’re fine here. Um. How about you?

Social Plugin Tests

So what did people think of the various social plugin tests? So far I don’t see much to differentiate between them… the Social plugin allows manual fetching of comments, which is great when you want to obsess, but maybe I don’t want to obsess. Or more to the point, maybe I shouldn’t obsess like that… after all, I’ve really liked our new newsletter software precisely because I can’t tweak every variable, and hence can get on with just getting things done.

So this post uses SNAP as well… if I had a photo available I’m sure I’d post that with it, but I don’t, so I won’t.

This is, of course, all part of a cunning plan to get Heather posting via WordPress, and sending it out to Facebook – then trying to convince people to subscribe to her WP updates, so that they actually get all of the updates, instead of whichever ones Facebook figures we’re not likely to pay for people to see. (Answer: NONE. You’re not having more of my money, Mr Zuckerberg.)