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14 responses on “Another Testing Post!

  1. Ben Deschamps

    OK, looks like this one imports comments every hour. So… it’ll be a while before I find out what it does. There were a lot more hoops to go through to get it running, so maybe it’ll be better.

  2. Dara Korra'ti

    What’re you using? I use Social, which does comment importing on a stepped basis – quite often initially, then less often over time. It also lets you trigger import, which is cool.

    The only downside I’ve seen to Social is intermittent failure to broadcast during pre-scheduled posts. Which may and may not be a big thing for you. When it fails, echoing to Livejournal/Dreamwidth also fails (different plug-in), so it could be some sort of network issue too, and not the Social plug-in itself. Fortunately, you can manually trigger it later, and it’s trivial to do.

  3. Dara

    Well, this clearly isn’t Social. But Social doesn’t push comments out, it only imports, so maybe that isn’t what you want after all. (But it does push to Twitter and pull back in retweets and replies, which I like.)

    Also, this is a test comment from someone not logging in with a Facebook account. Test test test. Hiya!

  4. France Andrews Zeve

    Starting to feel remarkably like a lab rat! I like you, but I,m starting to look for cheese now!

  5. Ben Deschamps Post author

    Thanks everybody for the help with testing! Much appreciated. France, I’ll get you some cheese next time I see you but you’ll have to provide the wine 🙂

  6. Dara Korra'ti

    Yeah, that makes sense. (I figured that out once I checked out the actual proto-blog.)

    I imagine anything bidirectional will by necessity talk only to one service (like Facebook) since otherwise replies would get spammed all over the place. But if you only care about FB – which is the bulk of it for most people, honestly – then yeah, that’s awesome. Me, I still get comments on Livejournal and Dreamwidth and have a little traction on Twitter, so I can’t echo out without just getting goofy.

    You may find that your comment counts in the blog view end up wrong. I’ve just got that sorted myself, so if you do, I’ll throw you code. It’s no doubt not difficult if you know the WordPress code structure better than I do, but damn, I don’t, so it took a BUNCH of tries to get that working right. XD